My antennas

My old setup from JO87FB, QRT in April 2018: current setup and some plans for antennas:

Tower 1: 22,5 m AGL.
For 2m: 8 x 3 el LFA yagis  heading north, 8 x 3 el LFA yagis heading south-west. Fixed mounted along the tower.
For 6m: 9,5m long LFA yagi by G0KSC design at 25m AGL.
For 20m: 3 el OPDES yagi by G0KSC design at 23m AGL.
The 6m and 20m antenna with rotator: AlfaSpid BIG-RAK rotator.

Tower 2: 22,5 m AGL.
For 2m: 2 x 15- el LFA yagi by G0KSC design
For 70cm: 4 x 20-el LFA yagi by G0KSC design
The above with full elevation, rotator: Spid BIG-RAS
HF: Dipoles for 160m, 80m and 40m, at approx 16m AGL.
Mounted at about 3m AGL for 23cm EME: 5m dish, rotator: AlfaSpid BIG-RAS

QTH2 (remotely operated):
Tower 1: 30m AGL.
2-el LFA for 40m design by InnovAntennas (future)
Microwave antennas: 1,9m dish for 23cm and 6cm. 85cm dish for 3cm. With full elevation with AlfaSpid RAS rotator, (future).

Tower 2: 20m AGL.
7&10-30LPA from M2, covering 40m and 10-30MHz.  5el OWL yagi for 6m. AlfaSpid BIG-RAK rotator.

Tower 3: 4 x 9el 2m antennas from M2. This setup belongs to SA7AKE, Jonas.

QTH3 (remotely located):
APRS igate for 2m. 144.800 Mhz. SM7SJR-2. 6el OWL yagi beaming north, at aprox 45m AGL.