Remote op

SM7SJR remote op

Updated 13-Feb-2010

This page contains some info about my remote operations.

My first remote op qsos were made at Feb the 9th in 2010. I will publish all the info I have about my setup here, but all in due time.

For the moment, here is a brief descritpion of thes setup.

I use modems from remoterig to transport soound and cw over the internet, these are UFB units and I highly recommend them.

At my shack I have a TS-2000X. I use a RC-2000 remote panel for the controlling of the rig, it handles nice. It takes sometime to get used to the RC-2000, but once there it is really nice and it beats having a computer to control the rig.

Here is a very nice webpage, it contains a lot of info about op of the RC-2000.

A picture of my entire remote setup:


The power supply on the picture is not used for the remote operations but the rest is. You can see the modem from remoterig under the screen to the left.

I use remote desktop to run my PC at the shack. It is a very nice and easy way to get going. With this I can control the TS-2000X either with the remote panel (seen on the left in the picture above) or with HamRadio Deluxe or N1MM or likewise.

I use the keyer built in the remoterig modem, but I will most likely shift over to use a CMOS super keyer from Idiom instead. Not that I think the keyer in the remoterig modem is bad, it is just that I am used to the CMOS super keyer.