My Apache Labs rig setups

Last updated: 2020-Dec-05

This is a live document, changes will be added along the way.

I am using:
2 of the: Apache Labs ANAN-200D , Orion firmware rev. 1.8 for protoccol 2.
Apache Labs ANAN-10.
OS: Windows 10 Pro
PC: Workstation, ASUS X-570 PRO. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core.  RAM: 64GB. Disk: 2 x 500GB NVME Samsung 970
Softwares I am using for the ANAN-200DE:
Thetis 2.8.11
CW Skimmer
Virtual Audio Channel (VAC)
Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

When I do firmware upgrades of my ANAN rigs, I use HPSDRProgrammer.

Will look into remaud some day, for remote op.

For some images : you can click on them to get a bigger view in a new window.


A screenshot of my Thetis 2.8.11 running with my ANAN-200D and a small clip of some live action.



Sample rates set here is:

After I set directX and VSync in display tab, I got rid of the red dot blinking now and then.
From the manual:
DirectX is more processor efficient and should be selected by default.
VSync If ticked, the display area redraw rate is synchronised with the windows frame rate for the monitor in use


A screenshot of my Thetis 2.6.9 SW in action! Together with CW skimmer.

Some pages of my settings when I used Thetis 2.6.9, merely published here as a reminder to myself about my settings.

And then a screenshot of my setup for the VSPE Etherlogic, serial ports emulator.

The ANAN200 cat control is on COM11 and the PTT control on COM14

And here is a view of the VAC control panel (I am using vrsion 4.62 for the moment):

My HamRadioDeluxe log software talks to the rig with “TS-2000” on COM10, see below:

And here is my WSJT-X setup:

Omnirig, rig1 is used to talk to CW skimmer:

CW skimmer uses VAC2 from Thetis: (not enabled in this screenshot, remember to enable “Direct I/Q”

CW skimmer settings:

And well this has nothing to do with my ANAN200 but I will keep it here so I remember my comport setup.  On the ATEN RS232 to USB converter I only ise one comport for my winkeyer. But if I were to hook up my TS2000 again I would use one more comport. By the way my Yaesu-FT991A uses comport 3 and 4.

When all of this is running plus some rdp sessions and rendering of video and some desktop apps in my WIN 10. I use these amount of resources in the PC (sorry I am using Swedish language for my WIN 10, but I think you will get it just the same):