My Apache Labs rig setups

Last updated: 2020-Oct-13

This is a live document, changes will be added along the way.

I am using:
2 of the: Apache Labs ANAN-200D , Orion firmware rev. 1.8 for protoccol 2.
Apache Labs ANAN-10.
OS: Windows 10 Pro
PC: Workstation, ASUS X-570 PRO. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core.  RAM: 64GB. Disk: 2 x 500GB NVME Samsung 970
Softwares I am using for the ANAN-200DE:
Thetis 2.8.9
CW Skimmer
Virtual Audio Channel (VAC)
Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

When I do firmware upgrades of my ANAN rigs, I use HPSDRProgrammer.

Will look into remaud some day, for remote op.

For some images : you can click on them to get a bigger view in a new window.

A screenshot of my Thetis 2.6.9 SW in action! Together with CW skimmer.

Some pages of my settings when I used Thetis 2.6.9, merely published here as a reminder to myself about my settings.

And then a screenshot of my setup for the VSPE Etherlogic, serial ports emulator.

The ANAN200 cat control is on COM11 and the PTT control on COM14

And here is a view of the VAC control panel (I am using vrsion 4.62 for the moment):

My HamRadioDeluxe log software talks to the rig with “TS-2000” on COM10, see below:

And here is my WSJT-X setup:

Omnirig, rig1 is used to talk to CW skimmer:

CW skimmer uses VAC2 from Thetis: (not enabled in this screenshot, remember to enable “Direct I/Q”

CW skimmer settings:

And well this has nothing to do with my ANAN200 but I will keep it here so I remember my comport setup.  On the ATEN RS232 to USB converter I only ise one comport for my winkeyer. But if I were to hook up my TS2000 again I would use one more comport. By the way my Yaesu-FT991A uses comport 3 and 4.

When all of this is running plus some rdp sessions and rendering of video and some desktop apps in my WIN 10. I use these amount of resources in the PC (sorry I am using Swedish language for my WIN 10, but I think you will get it just the same):