SM7SJR, me

Welcome to the SM7SJR webpages

I have been a radio amateur since 1987. I used to be active a lot on VHF (2m) , mainly in the late 90’s. I went QRT in 2001. Since 2008 I am QRV from time to time. My main interest within amateur radio is weak signal, especially on the higher freq-bands.

I have recieved lots of help from SM7GVF, Kjell and SM7THS, Sverker among others during the years of my ham activities. Thanks for your support.

Besides amateur radio I like dragracing,  amateur astronomy and radio controlled airplane models.

My company BBJA-Handel AB ( ) is authorized reseller for LFA yagis by G0KSC design, AlfaSpid rotators M2 antennas, I0JXX antennas, Vibroplex keyers, SHF elektronik preamps, Wavenode meters and more.