ADS-B continues

So I read a bit about it from different persons feeding these networks. Apparently some people uses multiple recievers with the same station ID pushing as much info as they can. So I bought 3 more dongles and 3 more antennas. Will set it up asap (even though this is not my prio 1 project).


So I finally gathered parts and got the ADS-B reciever going.  ADS-B  is flighttracking, I am feeding to at least one network : opensky. I am sometimes also feeding ADS-B Exchange and Radarbox.  The reason for me to do this is interest in aircrafts but also to feed our “own network” (airscout).

I will later on publish some info of how I did set up my raspberry PI for this. But not now… *smile*



So my boltek pci lightning detector will give way for a blitzortung detector instead.  looking forward to playing around with this one.

Long time and no see

It was quite a bit of time since I updated the blog.  Well what is new? I have a 2el for 40m mounted but have not yet used it.  Playing around with the ideas of an antenna mount for my planned 80m vertical. I am still very much thinking of 160m DXing… but I have a few projects I need to finish off first. Like getting QRV with tropo gear for 23cm, 6cm and 3cm.


OK so I bought a Sitemaster, Anritsu S331D. I have fel the need for such an instrument now and then, and all of the sudden it got a bit urgent (Perseids is closing in and I have some cable/antenna work left before I am QRV for real).

VUSHF coffe and smalltalk

We had our annual small VUSHF meet and greet, this time it was my turn to be the host. So I welcomed SM0LCB, SM7GVF, SM7GEP, SM7THS, SM7WSJ and SM7THS at my QTH.  It was a full day of talk about or current setups and some “ancient” history of ham events and such. Really nice.

From left to right: SM7GVF, SM7FWZ, SM7WSJ, SM7THS, SM0LCB and closest to the camera is SM7GEP.

From left to right: SM7GEP, SM7SJR, SM7FWZ, SM7WSJ, SM7GVF and SM7THS