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2016-Aug-30 SM7SJR 0

I have updated my stormtracker page to the StormVueNGX stuff, looks a lot better than the old java applet. Please take a look here.

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Tropo openings

2016-Aug-25 SM7SJR 0

Today we had a good tropo opening. I was qrv from time to time during the evening. Really good signals, over 1200km on both 2m […]

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APRS igate

2016-Jan-24 SM7SJR 0

Seems like my new aprs igate, SM7SJR-2 is stable and running good. Consists of a Raspberry Pi 2 and TNC-Pi, see more info here: My […]

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2015-Jul-14 SM7SJR 0

Yesterday (13th of July) I wkd OH/SM4IVE, Lasse. On 2m MS/FSK441. Lasse is as usual travelling around the north in his RV. THe qso took […]

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2m EME qso’s

2015-Jan-01 SM7SJR 0

Finally, after being QRT on 2m EME since 1999, I got some new QSO’s in my log. 3 qsos on JT65. I also checked to […]

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2m and 70cm

2014-Nov-03 SM7SJR 0

More work…. I am working a lot with my 2m and 70cm antenna setup (some pics under QTH1 towers/antennas). I hope I will get it […]

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2el for 40m

2014-May-11 SM7SJR 0

Getting rid of my cold, and looking at my new 2-el LFA yagi for 40m. This is going to be a lot of fun! Will […]