Old info below, I am QRT on 23cm EME at least for now.


Scroll to the bottom for some recordings/jpgs of sigs.

5m dish. 0,47 F/D. VE4MA feed. 200-250W from PE1RKI PA module.

5m parabol och ca 200W från en PE1RKI PA modul.

A typical day on 23cm, click on image to enhance.








EME  operation in the 23cm CW EME Dubus contest. 2017-April-02. Click on image to enlarge.


EME operation, at 2016-nov-20, click on image to enlarge. Lots of CW stns, the 2 strongest is I1NDP and G4CCH. Higher up in freq there is also JT stns.




Listen to some sigs from the moon. Here is I1NDP calling CQ on 23cm (I moved in freq during the CQ). Recieved with ANAN-200DE, Kuhne transverter and 1k filters.

I also got a jpeg from I1NDP with my sigs in there, click to enlarge.
sm7sjr I1NDP EME



Another JPG, I am on 1296.065, seeing NC1I on 070.

NC1I on 23cm EME