My current equipment

Hello folks, this is the place where I am writing about my new setups which is in “buildup mode”.

Updated: 2018-July-29

So far the equipment I am going to use/are using looks like this:

Wavenode units for power and SWR monitoring.
Remoterig equipment, to be able to do some of the ham operation remotely.
* Relay cards (Velleman K6714-16)
* Apache Labs ANAN-200DE for HF, 2m and up use. With Kuhne tranverters.
Apache Labs ANAN-10 for 6m use primarily.
* Kuhne transverters TR144H, TR432H and TR1296H.
* TS-2000X with Signalink USB, hardly not used since I mainly use the Apache Labs SDR rigs instead.
* RX-converters for 50, 144, 432 and 1296 to 28MHz
* For 6m: SSPA amp from M2. 7 el LFA WOS2 antenna by InnovAntenna
* For 2m: SSPA amp from M2. 2 x 15 el LFA yagi antennas by InnovAntenna and 2x8x3el LFAs for 2m, fixed mount.
* For 70cm: SSPA amp from W6PQL. 4 x 20 el LFA yagi antennas by InnovAntenna
* For 23cm EME: 5m mesh dish antenna. LNA: DDK 38dB gain, <0,3dB NF. SSPA from Bert Modderman, PE1RKI.
* For 23cm terrestial: Yaesu FT-817ND and the MKU 13G3 transverter from kuhne. SSPA from Bert Modderman, PE1RKI.
* For 6cm. Yaesu FT-817ND and the MKU 57G3 transverter and the 15W amp MKU PA 602 XH, from Kuhne.
* For 3cm. Yaesu FT-817ND and the MKU 10G3 transverter and the 10W amp MKU PA 102 XL, from Kuhne.
* Keying with Vibroplex keyer and Logikey K-5 from Idiom press as well as Winkeyer serial keyer from K1EL
This is a new baby in my collection, click on images for enlargement.


2m and 6m PA. Design: M2.







70cm solid state amp. W6PQL design.







My “small boxes” from Kuhne. Transverters and PAs for 23cm, 13cm (now sold), 6cm and 3cm.









Here are some of the PCB boards I am setting up, 5 TR sequencers from DEMI and the two Velleman cards K8000 and K6714-16:

The 6m amp, with 5CX1500. For sale! I bought myself a SSPA from M2 which I will use instead of this tube amp.


Here is the sequencers and one I/O card mounted: