older SM7SJR station setups

I moved out of this QTH in 2010.

Image of the antennas at my former QTH:


Homebrew dipoles for 80m and 40m, the antenna tuner in my FT-2000 tunes them pretty well at almost any HF band, except 160m.
Cushcraft R-8 vertical for 40m – 6m, (to the left in the picture)
6M3 from M2 for 6m, (centre of picture)
2M9SSB from M2 for 2m, (centre of picture)
432-12EME from M2 for 70cm, (centre of picture)
23CM35EZ from M2 for 23cm, (centre of picture)
Duoband vertical for 2m and 70cm. , (to the right in the picture)


OLD STUFF! In April 2018 this QTH is QRT. I am relocating…

The towers and antennas at JO87FB. (if you click on an image you will get a larger image)

2015-Aug-21. So I had a crane coming over today, lifting up my 7el LFA WOS2 for 6m and my 3-el OPDES for 20m in the top of one of my towers. The 7el WOS2 has been in the top before but with AZ and EL rotator, now it is a bit higher up but I ditched the EL rotattion because it was a bit margin for EME without ground gain.





2015-may-17. A picture of my EME setups. 23cm EME: 5m dish. Tower to left: 2x15el LFA for 2m, 4x20el LFA for 70cm. Tower to the right: 7el LFA for 6m.


Mount of transcient protection for the coax cablings:


2014-dec-12. More work being done on the 2m/70cm array. Today we mounted the RF and control cabling. Also the RX/TX switch and preamp box. Thanks to Niclas SA7CJO for assisting me.



My cable assistant:


The TX/RX switch and preamp box at the top of the tower:


2014-dec-11. Ok time to get the 2m and 70cm antenna array up in the tower. Thanks to Jonas, SA7AKE for the helping out.
Here is the array on the ground:


And here is some pictures when we do the actual lift:




The ugly guy climbing in the tower is me!



And here is the array almost at the top (at 23m AGL). I am located 400 metres from the Baltic sea, so it should do great on tropo over towards YL/LY/ES/UA-land as well as the “other modes”. I do have full elevation so EME work is the aim as well. But frist things first, tomorrow there is a storm coming up. It will be good, to see if the array will handle it.20141211_JO87FB_array_lift4


2014-Nov-28. The RX/TX switch and preamp box, for mastmount at the top of the tower. This is for both 70cm and 2m. The cavity preamp for 70cm on the right is being removed since I found it a bit unstable, I have a HP8970B to do some nosie figure measurements with. And just be sure I managed to run 24V into my 2m preamp, seen to the left in the picture! So it resulted in an order to Kuhne electronics for 2 new preamps!


2014-Nov-23. The “H” with its antennas is taking shape…

2014-Nov-01. Working on the 2m and 70cm array. Here is a picture of where it will be placed (at 23m AGL), on a sturdy 60mm stainless steel pipe:


And here is a picture of the rotor mount:



And finally the antennas (4x15el LFA for 2m and 4x20el LFA for 70cm), and more tubes for the H-frame:


2014-05-19. Fitted a new ISS and a fan aspirated temp sensor to my Davis weather station. Se picture below. More info about the temp sensor to be found here.


2014-04-27. Working on the boom section for the 2m and 70cm antennas. On one side there will be 2 x 15 el LFA for 2m and on the other side there will be 4 x 20 el LFA for 70cm.

2014-04-18 boom section work

2014-02-05. Another view of the dish and the tower with the 2 x 8 x el LFAs for 2m, 7 el LFA for 6m on top and 3-el OPDES yagi for 20m. Today was a day of dead calm wind and all the water had froozen everywhere, so it looked kind of like an all out snow/ice environment.

2012-12-01. The preamp and RX/TX relay box for the 16x3el for 2m. As you can see there are two Coaxial Relay, the one on the left is the switch between the northern and the souther aimed antennas. The one on the right is the TX/RX relay and you san see the small ARR preamp directly connected to the relay.


2012-12-01. The 23cm PA. 250-300W out.


2012-12-01. 5m dish for 23cm EME.



2012-12-01. The feeding horn for the 5m dish:


2012-12-01. Tower 2. The 6m antenna on top, LFA WOS2 yagi. 16 x 3 EL LFA for 2m on the sides of the tower.


2012-07-30. Tower 2, with the 6m antenna mounted at the top. Also visible is the wind anemometer at approximately 21m AGL. It is connected to a wireles transmitter for communication with my Davis Weather Station. I have tested the full Az rotation as well as elevation up to 60 deg. Todo: Connecting the preamp and the power amp. (Click the image for a larger size image).

2012-07-08. Overview, of the antennas/towers.
The Dish is slowly being assembled, 5m in diameter, will be used for 23cm EME.
On the tower to the left there is a 3 el yagi from M2 for 6m, at a fixed position in the southwest direction. There are also a few dipoles for HF here and there. On the shack you can see a white plastic tube about 3metres above the roof.

2011-12-30. The Alfa Spid RAS rotator, is mounted in the tower. It was really really hard work to get it there by myself!
Underneath the plate at the bottom of the mast pipe there is a box which will house some TX/RX relays and preamps for my upcoming mount of small yagis for 2m alongside the tower.

2011-12-27. Close up of the top of one of the towers. Apart from the x-mas light there is some mounts for the upcoming 6m antenna and also the wind meter and the wireless transmitter to the same.

2011-12-27. The RAS rotator with its mount, being prepared for the 6m antenna mount in the top of one of the towers.

2011-12-24, It is christmas!!!:

Current status of the 5m dish mount (2011-12-24):

Here is a section covering the building of the towers. Which all have been done in 2010-2011.

Some towers delivered and ready to go.

A nice hole in the ground. with setup for all the concrete and stuff. Copper wires and plates are in place for the grounding. The hole is about 2m deep and 2m wide.

The first layer of concrete is there.

Ok, setting up for the next action. Here the concrete rings are in place, 150cm in diameter, three of them weighing 700kg each! And the bolts for the mounting of the towers, they are M27! See the plates in the bottom of the bolts making sure they are straight? It is of 10mm thick metal.

Concrete being filled up….

And here it is full… Total weight of the concrete including the rings for each tower is about 11 tonnes.

Here is the “foot” of the tower when it is mounted.


Looking up the tower…

and here is two pictures of the both of them. 22,5 metres high.

The mount for the 5m dish for 23cm in the foreground. One of the towers in the back… Rotator being mounted for the dish is AlfaSpid BIG-RAS.

The shack for the control electronics and the amps being placed at the correct spot.

Inside the same shack, lots of tools for the construction work being thrown in there, what a mess.

Digging for and burying the cable pipes which will go from the shack up to the towers.

End of the first section, 2011-12-18. To be continued…