old qth’s of SM7SJR

I moved out of this QTH in 2010.

Image of the antennas at my former QTH:


Homebrew dipoles for 80m and 40m, the antenna tuner in my FT-2000 tunes them pretty well at almost any HF band, except 160m.
Cushcraft R-8 vertical for 40m – 6m, (to the left in the picture)
6M3 from M2 for 6m, (centre of picture)
2M9SSB from M2 for 2m, (centre of picture)
432-12EME from M2 for 70cm, (centre of picture)
23CM35EZ from M2 for 23cm, (centre of picture)
Duoband vertical for 2m and 70cm. , (to the right in the picture)