Some uptime problems…

Having problems with the UPS. So the computer which manages the weather reports and the lightning detector does not have a good uptime for the moment. But I am working on it.

6m antenna

Preparing for my 6m antenna mount. It will be a 9,7m LFA yagi at about 23,5 metres AGL. With elevation. I know the antenna is a little bit small but I will try do to some EME with it as well.

APRS, and more

Hello folks, my weather station is online through APRS. Meaning I am sending APRS messages about the current WX from JO87FB as SM7SJR-13. But only on the internet, not with radio… yet.
Today I also did finish up most of the “boring” work for the upcoming antenna mounting…everything is prepared and ready to go.


Ok so now I finally got my old personal website remodeled. This is the result, but there are more things to come on the web site of course. 73s de SM7SJR, Bjorn


Kvällens övning var att göra 8st stackningskablar av lågförlust koax med N kontakter. Detta till mina 8 x 3 el DK7ZB yagi som ska sitta på ena mastens hörnben med riktning söderut. Fått snits på det där med kontakteringen känns det som.

Nya websiten

Hello friends.

The completely rebuilt webpage for SM7SJR is now online. As you have noticed there are still a lot of work to do and info to add, but it will come.
Detta är den helt nya SM7SJR webben, välkommen! Som Ni märker är det rätt mycket kvar att göra och en hel del info fattas med det kommer.

73 de SM7SJR, Bjorn