The antenna array for 2m and 70cm

Is now mounted at 23m AGL. Hopefully it will have no problem with the storm, which we will have tomorrow. If all goes well I might be QRV on MS for the geminids on the 12th and/or the 13th.

2m and 70cm

More work…. I am working a lot with my 2m and 70cm antenna setup (some pics under QTH1 towers/antennas). I hope I will get it up and running before the snow is here. Also doing some testing with my Apache Labs ANAN-200DE, it is quite a machine!

Update on the WX station

Fitted a new fan aspirated temp sensor unit and swapped the ISS unit on my Davis Weather station. Hopefully it will be more reliable from now on.

2el for 40m

Getting rid of my cold, and looking at my new 2-el LFA yagi for 40m. This is going to be a lot of fun! Will be mounted at my remote QTH on 21m AGL.

Precis skakat av mig en förkylning modell värre. Kikar lite senaste nyinköpet: en 2-el fullsize LFA yagi för 40m. Ska bli himla skoj att provåka den lite sen till sommaren, kommer att sitta på 21m AGL.


Försöker förbättra hur siten ser ut i mobila enheter, får se om det lyckas. Trying to improve how this site looks on a mobile device. We will see how it goes.

New GT-charts

Hej hej. Nu finns nya versioner av Lionels berömda GT-charts publicerade här på siten. Ny bild under QTH1, visar bomsektionen som ska husera 2m och 70cm antennerna.
New versions of Lionels GT-charts are published here on this site. As well as some info on the “QTH1” page.

Finally, an update!

Long time… Anyway, I have updated a few pictures in the QTH1 section. Will also publish some more results from contests and EME on 23cm, shortly.


Hello! I am making some noice on APRS. Please check out my APRS page here on this web for more info.


Hello folks! Some time since I posted something here. Right now the Swedish spring/summer is approaching and I am getting back to do antenna work. Meanwhile I have updated the my equipment page with info about the latest power amps and so on.